The 15 Most Shocking Anime Betrayals

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Betrayal is an act that many people find unforgivable. In anime, it always seems to happen in a big way and when you least expect it. It has the ability to bring out the worst in people, and has been known to result in some pretty intense battles and tragic character endings. With that being said, fans can agree that an epic betrayal paves the way for the best revenges in anime. In fact, some of the best shounen anime wouldn't be around without it!

The most epic anime betrayals usually take the form of a hero turning into a villain, or of an innocent character revealing a dark side. Compiled here are some of the craziest betrayals ever witnessed in anime. Be forewarned: there are spoilers ahead! Vote up the most shocking duplicity and deception schemes that took you by surprise. 


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    Bertholdt And Reiner Reveal They Are Titans In 'Attack On Titan'

    Bertholdt And Reiner Reveal They Are Titans In 'Attack On Titan'
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    In Attack on Titan, Titans are creatures that pose a huge threat to humanity. In the year 845, these giant creatures breach a wall meant to keep them away from mankind because of a hole created by two unique Titans, the Colossus and Armored Titans. This results in the passing of many people, including Eren Yeager's mother. A few years later, Eren trains with other humans to fight against the Titan invasion. He befriends Reiner and Bertholdt, two guys who also seem to hate Titans. 

    During a battle to defend humanity, Reiner reveals that he and Bertholdt are actually the Colossus and Armored Titans, the very same Titans responsible for the breach at Wall Maria and the tragic passing of his mother. The deception is jaw-dropping, and sends Eren into a fit of utter rage. 

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    Rachel Pushes Bam In 'Tower of God'

    Rachel Pushes Bam In 'Tower of God'
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    Bam and Rachel have always been each other's best and only friends. In fact, Bam loves Rachel so much that he climbs the Tower of God to chase after her - a dangerous challenge that requires its participants to pass increasingly difficult tests in order to reach the top. He is willing to risk his life to see her again. That's why Rachel's betrayal makes this a particularly unforgivable moment. Before reaching the next stage of the Tower, Rachel shoves Bam off the platform, leaving him to fall to his apparent death. Why does she do this? Because she's immensely jealous that Bam is "special" and sacrifices his life in order to reach the top. 

  • Griffith Sacrifices The Band Of The Hawk In 'Berserk'
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    In the anime Berserk, Griffith leads the Band of the Hawk, a group of mercenaries recruited by the king to fight important battles that swayed the outcome of the Hundred Year War. Their success is cut short when Griffith's affair with the princess results in his imprisonment and torture. The Band of the Hawk suffers, but they eventually recover enough to come to their beloved leader's rescue. However, when they finally reach Griffith, they find is a shell of what he used to be. What's worse, during the course of the rescue, Griffith initiates a shocking act of betrayal when he activates his Crimson Behelit. He sacrifices the Band of the Hawk, so he can be reborn as the God Hand, Femto.

  • Sōsuke Aizen is best known for being the main antagonist in Bleach. However, he first appears as a mild-mannered and reserved individual. His sinister nature is shown later in the series, when he takes the position of captain in the Soul Society military. He is admired by many of the Shin'O Academy students and highly regarded by officials of the Soul Society, but then he suddenly abandons his position and destroys all perceptions of loyalty to his community. Further into the timeline, Aizen takes his betrayal a step further when he returns with the army of Arrancar to wage war against the Soul Society.