The Most Shocking TV Deaths Of All Time

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TV deaths that shocked you the most. Vote up the TV deaths that had you screaming, 'What?! Noooooo!' at the screen.

WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS! If you are still catching up on some of your favorite current TV shows, stop scrolling now - you may want to avoid this list, since it includes some of TV's recent shocking deaths. Some other good TV lists you may want to check out are the best characters on TV, the best current TV shows, the saddest TV deaths, and lots of other lists about death.

Some of these shocking TV deaths you might have seen coming (after all, on Lost Desmond does warn Charlie he'll die about a thousand times), but they were no less shocking. Others came as a complete surprise, like Dan Conner or Lt. Col. Henry Blake. Some were written in after the deaths of actors like Cory Monteith, John Ritter, and John Spencer. Many characters were brutally murdered on screen (hello, Red Wedding) while other characters passed away off screen, as in the case of Edith Bunker. 

But whose death was the most shocking? If you're all caught up on your favorite shows, check out and vote on this list of the most shocking TV deaths. They happened on some of the best television shows to some of the most beloved (and hated) characters. Deaths on this list cover suicide, murder, illness, and drowning... and all shocked television viewers. 

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