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The Most Shocking TV Deaths  

Jordan Bates

One of the greatest aspects of television lies in its ability to create and develop characters you grow to love over the course of many episodes. As such, it's often devastating to watch a beloved character killed off in a TV series.

In film, you only get to know characters over the course of about two hours. That's not to say a film character's death can't be upsetting, but watching a character you've grown to love over multiple seasons finally get axed can be much more emotionally impactful.

Shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead garnered both fame and criticism for killing off main characters. Even the most infamous deaths from those shows pale in comparison to some other shows that delight in killing fan favorites.

In fact, some TV deaths surprised audiences so much that they still talk about them to this day, and the most devestating ones appear in the video below. Watch the video to learn more about TV's most shocking deaths.