The Most Successful 'Produce 101' Contestants Ever

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Vote up the former 'P101' contestants who still have successful careers.

Where are they now? While the most popular trainees debut after Produce 101, only the best P101 contestants go on to have successful careers. After debuting with I.O.I, Produce 101 Season 1 finalist Chungha debuted in 2017, becoming one of the biggest K-pop solo artists today. Many became members of Wanna One, IOI, and IZ One, while other Produce 101 contestants who became K-pop idols include (G)I-DLE's Soyeon, AB6IX's Lee Dae-hwi, and WJSN's Yeonjung. 

Some former P101 participants broke into acting, like Season 1's Kim So-hye. Though she lacked singing and dancing experience, Sohye still debuted with I.O.I. After the group disbanded in 2017, she went on to star in Korean dramas, like Best Chicken and Kang Duk-soon’s Love History. Kim Sejeong, Jung Chaeyeon, and Jang Gyuri also had acting careers after Produce 101

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