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The Most Supportive Boyfriends In Science Fiction

27 Mar 2020 894 votes 99 voters 1.2k views25 items

List RulesVote up the sci-fi boyfriends who are kind, emotionally mature, and dedicated. Vote down the ones that aren't.

It gets lonely out there sometimes, especially if you live in space, a dystopian future Los Angeles, or a New York City overrun with maniacal super villains. When cuffing season comes around, wouldn't it be nice to have a partner who supports you, holds your hand, and helps you through the tough times? Below are 25 of the most notorious boyfriends and best sci-fi couples.

Vote up the sci-fi TV boyfriends and sci-fi movie boyfriends you think are the most supportive and attentive to their significant others, that are just as concerned with their mate as they are with themselves. Vote down the ones who are just too trifling to waste time on.

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