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The Most Unexpected Replacements For Major DC And Marvel Superheroes

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For fans of comic books, accepting temporary replacement superheroes has become a reality of the medium - even the most high-selling heroes occasionally need to take time off and let legacy characters step into the spotlight. Typically, most vigilantes are succeeded by their sidekicks - Dick Grayson becomes Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence, while Sam Wilson takes over as Captain America when Steve Rogers hangs up the shield - but every so often, a replacement hero crops up from out of left field.

Controversy tends to move comic books, which is why publishers like DC and Marvel Comics aren’t afraid to sometimes select an oddball fill-in for their most notable superheroes. Most times, these revamps bomb. But every now and then, a replacement catches on and becomes the sort of character that can stand on their own two feet - even if they usually have to give up the codename and find their own when the original inevitably returns. 

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