Fans Are Sharing The TV And Movie Villains They Sympathize With The Most

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The best villains are the ones who have a point, and it's easier to see the bad guy's side when viewers sympathize with them. These Redditors have revealed which villains they have a soft spot for in movies and TV.

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    Baron Zemo

    From Redditor u/derekx2012:

    He just wanted to split the Avengers up after they killed his family. Plus, Kudos to him for being one of the few superhero film villains who doesn't want to destroy/enslave/rule the world. That gets old quick.

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    General Francis Hummel

    From Redditor u/CaptainLameO:

    Ed Harris' character in The Rock. He was only trying to get adequate compensation for his men, and went out of his way to get school kids off of Alcatraz before he took it over.

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    Prince Zuko

    From Redditor u/HYDRAtedathlete:

    Season 1/2 Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    He just wanted to restore his honor.

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    Killer Croc

    From Redditor u/catwuts:

    Killer Croc hits home harder for me. Bullied as a child because of skin condition, rejected by society and abused by his family. He wasn't born a monster. He was made one. All because he had scaly skin.

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    The Phantom of the Opera

    From Redditor u/sylverrs:

    The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. He's a possessive, cruel murderer, who wreaks havoc on the Opera house, but as an abandoned, disfigured child in 19th century Paris who traveled in a freak show until he escaped, he never really had a chance. He'll tug at your heart like no other. And the story is nothing but tragic. If you haven't seen (or listened to the Phantom) I highly recommend it.

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    From Redditor u/margaerytyrellscleav:

    DK from Tokyo Drift, it's such a bizarrely written film. So DK is the bad guy for not liking the d**che bag American protagonist (who stole his girlfriend). He threatens Han, his employee for stealing money from him (which he did) - and in the end he loses the race to the Protagonist and is disowned by his Yakuza uncle despite having never actually done anything wrong.