The Most Toxic TV Characters

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Take a breather as we rank TV’s most toxic characters. Characters who are toxic can be manipulative, self-serving, egotistic, and uncaring. These characters share all those traits - and then some.

It’s easy to pick out all the toxic characters on TV because they're usually the ones who cause the most chaos. Their selfishness tends to seep into other characters’ lives and they show no remorse for their actions. From Dennis Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, this list includes all the characters we love to hate. Sometimes, though, we still care about these characters regardless of how rude, crude, or downright shrewd they might be. 

Whether you think Cersei Lannister is the most toxic TV character or believe that honor should go to Walter White in Breaking Bad, make your voice heard by voting up all the toxic characters you love to hate. See someone missing? Add them to the list below!

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