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These US Towns Are So Toxic And Polluted, It's Dangerous To Live In Them

Updated 6 Sep 2019 11.4k views9 items

The world includes many uninhabitable places, and humans are sometimes the cause. Places like Chernobyl or Fukushima are known for their lingering radiation, but dangerously toxic towns exist in the United States, as well. Pollution might affect the air, while hazardous chemicals and toxic waste may lurk in the soil and groundwater. Saturated with dangerous materials like lead, arsenic, or DDT, the most poisonous places in the US remain risky spots to call home.

For many years, people disposed of hazardous waste indiscriminately. But in 1980, Congress created the Superfund program to help the Environmental Protection Agency identify toxic areas and properly cleanse them. More than 1,300 Superfund sites dot the country, so be careful. You never know which dangerous areas you'll stumble upon during your next trip out of town.

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