The Most Twisted Anime Characters Of All Time

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Vote up the most mentally unstable anime characters, whether they're violent, perverted, or just plain insane.

Amoral, sadistic, cunning, and cruel, a few words to scrape the surface of some of the most twisted anime characters of all-time. It is no wonder that majority of the characters on this list are antagonists in their respective series, but not all twisted characters are necessarily villains, or at the very least, see themselves as such. Either born bad or driven into corruption, these individuals practice and preach unbelievably skewed principles.

This list presents a mixture of those with a more quiet kind of cruelty like Shogo Makishima, and others who openly flaunt their twisted minds like Illumi Zoldyck. Either way, these characters have no qualms about bringing down those standing in their way, innocent or not. Despite their nature, it is no doubt that these characters are some of the most fascinating anime has to offer, though you'd never want to meet them in-person.

NOTE: As many twisted characters hide their true selves, this list contains spoilers for those particular series.

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