Most Violent And Twisted Incarnations Of Venom in Comic Book History
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Most Violent And Twisted Incarnations Of Venom in Comic Book History

When you're a character that started out as another hero's costume before revealing yourself to be a sentient black goo from outer space, you're forgiven for occasionally veering into WTF-ery every now and then. 

For Venom, an alien symbiote that first appeared as Spider-Man's costume, that means popping up in weird places, attached to unexpected people and things. But which incarnation earns the right to be call the most bizarre and twisted? 

  • Punisher Venom

    "What if you gave Venom a bunch of guns?" is the most 90s comic book question ever asked. And someone answered it in a "What If?" story about the symbiote landing on Frank "The Punisher" Castle instead of Eddie Brock.

    The strangest part is that the Punisher is such an intense, strong-willed dude, he got the symbiote to submit to his control instead of the other way around

  • The half-brother of Spider-Man 2099, Venom 2099 grew up to be a serial killer and all-around scumbag after his negligent parents left him in the care of a nanny robot that was mistakenly set to "veterinary" mode and raised the boy as if he were a dog. (Yes, seriously.)

    This guy was so bad that the symbiote actually tamed some of his more disturbing tendencies once they bonded. 

  • Pork Grind

    Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham, regularly battles Pork Grind, a Venom parody who spoke in an Arnold Schwarzenegger/Hans and Frans dialect. Even by Venom standards, this one is really out there.

  • Venomsaurus Rex

    The Marvel series "Old Man Logan" was set in the distant future, where superheroes were wiped out and villains reigned for a time before all of society collapsed into a dystopian, Mad Max nightmare.

    Logan not only battled a clan of inbred Hulks in the series, but he and Hawkeye also ran into symbiote that bonded with a monstrous T-Rex transforming it into a Venomsaurus Rex. The duo did the smart thing and ran.

  • Mayhem

    In an alternate timeline, Peter Parker and MJ Watson had a daughter they named May (after Peter's beloved Aunt). May Parker had her father's abilities and mysterious sister -a half-symbiote clone created by Norman Osbourn.

    This clone took the name April and briefly joined the Parker family before jealous drove her to become Mayhem.

  • Made-For-TV Venom
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    Made-For-TV Venom

    Perhaps the strangest thing about the 1994 Spider-Man animated series is that Venom was voiced by The Simpsons' vet Hank Azaria. Which explains why Eddie Brock/Venom sounds so much like a reverb-heavy Moe Szyslak.