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The Most Ubiquitous Podcast Sponsors, Ranked

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In the last several years, podcasts have established themselves as an engaging and respected media format. While they were, at one point, an obscure pastime, podcasts have recently exploded in popularity. Whether they focus on true crime, personal anecdotes, news, or pop culture commentary, podcasts are now a bona fide form of entertainment for hundreds of thousands worldwide. But how do these free, easily accessible shows make money? Podcast financing is often done via sponsors, and many companies are committed to working with multiple popular podcasts to spread awareness of their products and services. 

For those creators who wish to make a dime off of their hard work, sponsorships provide a pathway for podcasters to rep the most popular brands in exchange for support of their craft. Below is a list of brands most frequently mentioned on podcasts, regardless of content or target audience. These podcast sponsors have made podcasts a lucrative medium. Most podcast aficionados hear a MeUndies review or Blue Apron promotion multiple days per week. But which of these sponsored products are worth buying? If you're curious whether you should really pay to build a personal website via Squarespace or if NatureBox snacks are worth the monthly fee, you've come to the right place! 

Here, you'll find a ranked list of podcast advertisements to help you decide which products are truly worth the cost. Below, scan the list for the products you've tried out. Then, vote up the best advertised products that provide the most bang for your buck! 

  • Audible Inc.1

    Audible is an audio book company that boasts affordable prices and a wide selection of texts. Numerous creators they sponsor have helped to spread the word about the ease and convenience of their services. 

  • Blue Apron2

    Blue Apron

    Blue Apron, particularly popular with families and parents, sends ingredients and recipes to subscribers' doors to simplify the cooking experience. Blue Apron offers vegetarian options on request. 

  • MeUndies3


    MeUndies makes ultra comfortable and affordable underwear. Popular with the young adult demographic, MeUndies breaks the barrier of underwear-related awkwardness, sponsoring countless podcasts to spread the word of their fun, comfy products.

  • Squarespace, Inc.4

    Squarespace is a popular website-builder often advertised by online personalities who use it to design webpages for their own companies or merchandise lines. Squarespace helps their customers build stunning websites at a low cost without any prior coding knowledge. 

  • Dollar Shave Club5

    Dollar Shave Club

    Dollar Shave Club claims to ease the stress of shopping for toiletries by providing you razors, shave butter, body cleanser, and more for a monthly fee. 

  • LootCrate6


    LootCrate is a popular monthly subscription box offering nerd and game-related merchandise. Their exclusive products and variety of fan-favorite properties make them a prime candidate for sponsoring gaming or pop culture-related podcasts. 

  • Adam & Eve7

    Adam & Eve is one of the largest sex toys company in America and sells a wide variety of products. The company boasts both affordable prices and discreet packaging. 

  • Lynda8


    Lynda is a learning service that combines education with convenience through their thousands of self-starter courses in business, design, photography, and more. Partnering with LinkedIn, Lynda fills in educational and general knowledge gaps in many different areas. 

  • Casper9


    Casper promises luxurious and comfortable mattresses without the excessive cost and hassle. Their products also include pillows, sheets, and even bed frames and are made of premium foam and breathable, cool materials that can allegedly maximize your comfort during sleep. 

  • ZipRecruiter10


    ZipRecruiter, primarily advertised towards employers seeking prospective employees, is a job posting website. It allows companies to post jobs and job seekers to upload their resumes, profiles, and references online, streamlining the job searching process. 

  • 99designs.com11

    This designing site offers efficient ways to make stylish and memorable logos, book covers, or webpages for your merchandise. 99Designs focuses on brand identity and unique style to make the process of brand development simple. 

  • NatureBox12


    This popular sponsor specializes in healthy, delicious snacks sent to you each month in your own personal subscription box. NatureBox boasts a wide variety of products with affordable delivery prices. 

  • Warby Parker13

    This free-spirited company promises “designer eyewear at a revolutionary price.” Glasses and contacts can be outrageously expensive, but Warby Parker claims that, with their in-house system bypasses the eyewear industry’s traditional tactics so they can provide you with stylish glasses that won’t put you in debt.

  • Harry's14


    This company's bath products, designed for both men and women, include razors, face wash, face lotion, and plenty of other hygiene necessities. The company boasts both high quality, stylish products and affordable prices. 

  • HostGator15


    This web-hosting service provides simple website-building instructions, site-transferring capabilities, and 24/7 customer support to make web-building more convenient for the average person. HostGator also boasts very low prices. 

  • Trunk Club16

    Trunk Club

    Trunk Club is a style box service that sends you new clothing items monthly. Taking your personal tastes into account, this company curates original outfits for you each month, allowing you to buy the items you want and send back the rest. This sponsorship is especially popular with fashion bloggers and those invested in the fashion world. 

  • Stamps.com17


    Stamps.com allows users to calculate and buy the exact postage for any package online and then print postage and shipping labels at home. Users can mail their items anywhere in the world, thus avoiding the hassle of the post office.

  • CrunchyRoll18


    CrunchyRoll is a video streaming service that offers users access to popular anime and manga, often for free (though paid premium memberships are available). The site also houses a news feed and forums for fans to connect over their favorite shows and series.