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The 11 Most Un-Rock Star Rock Stars

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Fate intended some rock stars for the stage. It's hard to picture Slash or Steven Tyler working the photocopy counter at your local Staples or doing any other job. Other musicians have the spotlight, hit records, and adoring crowds befitting a rock star — but somehow, they seemingly can't shake off the thing that makes them that makes them human.

Whether it's looks, style, or plain attitude, some rock stars look like they'd feel more comfortable in the back of the Barnes and Noble than rocking the stage before thousands of fans.

Who do you think is the most underwhelming rock star?

  • The guy is a huge star — no question. The guy also looks like your high school yearbook editor.

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  • Even back in his Genesis heyday, Phil Collins appeared less "rock god" and more like a "warehouse supervisor who stumbled onstage."

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  • Billy Joel
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    Billy Joel's look is rather plain, pairing his bald head and goatee with clothing that never truly sticks out — especially back in his younger days.

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  • A quiz called "Shawn Mendes or a Random Dude From the CW Network" would be infuriatingly difficult.

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