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The Most Uncomfortable Celebrity Kisses Ever Caught On Camera

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It's an unspoken fact that in the 21st century, most people who are in romantic relationships are, sooner or later, going to compare themselves to the most beautiful celebrity couples they see on magazine covers. But even those celebrity couples are prone to their fair share of awkward moments and slip-ups, leading to several uncomfortable celebrity kisses caught on camera. With all of those red carpet appearances, it's not surprising that there is no shortage of awkward kisses between celebrities. 

This list is a compilation of times famous people were caught kissing on camera - only the moments aren't cute. These celeb kisses caught on camera may not even be between some of Hollywood's odd celebrity couples. So, without further ado, here are the most awkward kisses between celebrities to ever grace the stage, screen, or red carpet.

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    John Travolta had this strange moment with Scarlett Johansson at the Oscars red carpet in 2015. As the video above shows, everything was innocent enough, with Travolta merely trying to give Johansson a kiss on the cheek while passing her by. However, either Travolta attempted the kiss too late or didn't give Johansson enough warning, because the physical fumbling between the two makes for about as uncomfortable a kiss attempt as one can imagine. At least Johansson shrugged the whole moment off

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    The 2017 Emmys were a big night for Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard this year, as the Big Little Lies co-stars both went home with awards under their belts by the time everything was said and done. The two actors play a husband and a wife engaged in a twisted relationship in the HBO show, but are not together in real life. However, that didn't stop Kidman from congratulating Skarsgard on his win with a celebratory kiss - right in front of her husband, Keith Urban. 

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    This particular kiss between John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, took place at the same time that the actor was being accused of having had an affair with another man. So the talk of Travolta and Preston's marriage was already a big topic leading up to the premiere of his 2012 film, Savages. This moment of PDA between the two just made the whole night that much more uncomfortable. 

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    There's nothing worse than running into an ex of yours, and when you're a celebrity with an ex who's also famous, it gets even more uncomfortable. So when Orlando Bloom ran into his ex-girlfriend, Miranda Kerr, at the Oscars a few years ago, he probably should have just moved on as quickly as possible. At the very least, that would have been less uncomfortable than interrupting Kerr's interview to give her a very quick compliment and awkward kiss on the cheek. Kerr's icy facial expression right afterwards sums up the whole moment pretty well. 

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