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The 19 Most Uncomfortable Game of Thrones Moments  

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This list of the creepiest scenes in "Game of Thrones" includes the most squirm-inducing, strange, cringe-worthy and just plain uncomfortable moments from "Game of Thrones." So what are the grossest GoT moments? Fans like you are voting here. But be warned: as you may expect, this list contains spoilers from the first three seasons, so if you're not caught up, you might want to save this one for later.

"Game of Thrones" is an epic-scale high-fantasy series based on the popular series of novels by George R. R. Martin. The book series relates an ongoing competition - spanning generations over the course of decades - for the throne of the Kingdom of Westeros, a continent plagued by unpredictable, long-spanning seasons. In the first season of the TV series (based on the opening book in the series, "A Song of Ice and Fire"), the Westeros was plunged into conflict after the death of King Robert Baratheon. These events unfolded through the eyes of members of numerous noble families of the Westeros, including House Stark, House Targaryen and House Lannister.

Martin's world is full of intrigue and danger, but also cultural clashes and a staggering, complex array of personal perversions. From incestuous couples to brothers getting thrills from offering up their sister for rape, to necrophilia, to young adults continuing to breastfeed from their willing mothers, "Game of Thrones" offers up a non-stop parade of illicit sex, lesbian romps, shattered taboos and, yes, dragons.

What are the most cringe-worthy moments from "Game of Thrones"? Read on and you'll soon find out.

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Ramsey and Sansa's Wedding Night
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It seems that Sansa is trying to collect all the different religious wedding ceremonies in Westeros. After a beautiful (and seemingly cold) marriage in the Godswood, Ramsey takes Sansa to their marriage bed. He prepares her for the immanent deflowering in a way that all women prefer, by ripping off her clothes and forcing her pretty much step-brother, Theon, to watch. 

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The Red Wedding. All of It.
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If you saw the Red Wedding, the cringe-worthiness of it requires no explanation. It was a bloodbath worthy of its title and, if a most uncomfortable moment must be picked, you have to go with stabbing a pregnant women to death IN THE STOMACH. Yes, it's disturbing to look at the parade of sister wives and think about them getting plowed by Argus Filch (you may now forever associate Harry Potter with a GoT bloodbath; you're welcome), the fact remains, the death of Robb Stark's wife was gnarlier than an "Oz" rape and shank.

If you disagree, you can make your case in the comments but that's where it's going to stand for now. 
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Theon Loses His Most Prized Possession
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Theon Greyjoy, who- let's admit- hasn't had the easiest life, just got the sh*t end of the stick in Season 3. He betrays the family that raised him, thinks he's emerged victorious in the battle for Westeros, and then falls victim to another betrayal at the hands of his own men.

What's next? Oh, just a playful little torture sesh. 

It's brutal watching him get fingers and other parts cut off, but there's a special kind of evil involved when you bring in a couple of ladies for the old slap and tickle knowing the express purpose of the interaction is to get Theon's junk alert enough to cut off. As if that's not a big enough dick move (see what we did there?), Ramsey, his captor/tormentor, waits for Theon to wake up and then eats a giant sausage in front of him. 
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Jamie Rapes His Sister In Front Of Their Son's Corpse
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The argument is that GoT spent a whole season making people like the Kingslayer only to have him return to King's Landing and go right back to trying to sleep with his sister again (though she wasn't having any of it). 

Cut to Joffrey's funeral, where Cersei is just losing her sh*t over their son's (their baby boy's!) death and implores her twin brother/baby daddy to kill their other brother for his (alleged) hand in the boy's death. Thing is, Jamie's not down to do some killin' until Cersei's down to get down. Next to their son's body. With or without consent. So yeah, Jamie gets his rapey/incesty/necrophiliac urges out in one foul (intentional) swoop.
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