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The Most Underrated Action Movies Of The 1990s

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The 1990s were a pretty great decade for action movies. From Terminator 2: Judgment Day to Speed to The Matrix, that 10-year stretch gave us a bunch of certified classics in the genre. But what if you've seen those and other favorites a million times, and still want to flash back to the decade? You can start by checking out the titles on this list. 

Below are underrated action movies from the 1990s. What makes them underrated? The circumstances are varied. Admittedly, a couple of them were hits at the time, yet failed to sustain their reputations. Others flopped because one thing or another made audiences reluctant to take a chance on them. One or two simply play a lot better now than they did upon initial release, thanks to the perspective that the passage of time brings. Are these masterpieces? Honestly, in most cases, no. They are, however, pretty good movies that deserve another look. 

Which of the following '90s action movies is most underrated? Vote for your favorites.