The Most Underrated '90s Songs

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What are the most underrated '90s songs? These all-too-often overlooked masterpieces from the pre-Y2K era come in a variety of forms, from obscure songs by the decade's biggest rock stars, to forgotten pop singles from '90s one-hit wonders. Many are simply great songs from the 1990s that, for whatever reason, have never received the acclaim that they deserve.

It's time to change that, and it's up to you to give these unappreciated tracks their due. 

Do you think Basement Jaxx's "Red Alert" was ahead of its time? Should "Lovefool" have propelled The Cardigans to lasting international fame?

Vote up the most criminally-underrated '90s songs below, and be sure to add the decade's best classics that define your random '90s music playlist.

Most divisive: Start Choppin
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