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13 Underrated Anime Arcs That Are Better Than You Remember

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Even in the most acclaimed of anime series, there are underrated anime arcs that fail to receive attention they deserve. Carefully plotted story arcs switch up plotlines and offer viewers new adventures and adversaries for the characters you already know so well. That said, many of the finest anime arcs wind up overshadowed by the titles' main storyline. Sometimes, this happens because the arc ends gets drowned out by a deluge of other equally awesome arcs in the same series. This happens with the Unforeseen Simulation Joint arc in My Hero Academia, which becomes easily forgotten as the series picks up. In the case of other series, an arc may overburden an already too-long anime series, forcing it into obscurity among the title's numerous episodes.

No matter the reason for an awesome arc getting overlooked, it's frustrating to see good stories not get the recognition that they ought to. 

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