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13 Underrated Anime Arcs That Are Better Than You Remember

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Even in the most acclaimed of anime series, there are underrated anime arcs that fail to receive attention they deserve. Carefully plotted story arcs switch up plotlines and offer viewers new adventures and adversaries for the characters you already know so well. That said, many of the finest anime arcs wind up overshadowed by the titles' main storyline. Sometimes, this happens because the arc ends gets drowned out by a deluge of other equally awesome arcs in the same series. This happens with the Unforeseen Simulation Joint arc in My Hero Academia, which becomes easily forgotten as the series picks up. In the case of other series, an arc may overburden an already too-long anime series, forcing it into obscurity among the title's numerous episodes.

No matter the reason for an awesome arc getting overlooked, it's frustrating to see good stories not get the recognition that they ought to. 

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    What most people remember about Inuyasha is the rivalry between the titular character and his brother, Sesshoumaru, and said character's complicated romance with Kagome. Many of the other plot arcs are, unfortunately, overlooked.

    The Band of Seven arc involves a group of dangerous mercenaries who are put to death for being far too interested in the whole murder thing. Naraku, the anime's main villain, brings them back to life to distract anyone who might try to attack him while he regenerates his own damaged body. 

    What's interesting about the Band of Seven arc is that each member boasts a different personality and motivation for being part of the group. Bankotsu, the leader, sees the group as a family who would never betray him, while Mukotsu blindly hates women because they find him unappealing. Not only do these members all present unique personalities, they also present a serious challenge for Inuyasha and his friends as well as a needed break from the main action.

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  • Despite My Hero Academia's high ratings, not every part of it gets the attention it deserves. The Unforeseen Simulation Joint arc actually depicts the first major encounter with the villains of the series, but because it happens less dramatically than future encounters, it's often overlooked.

    During this arc, viewers not only get to see many of the kids' powers in action, but also each side's mental state in sharp relief. The main villain introduces himself as a directionless agent of chaos with a desire to hurt people for the fun of it, while hinting that actually, there's more to him than that. Viewers also receive greater insight into the trainee heroes. Who will actually stand and fight? Who will run away? Who will come up with strategies, and who will rush in screaming? The chaotic, gritty nature of this arc makes it feel real, and ups the excitement of the second season.

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  • Oración Seis operates as a Dark Guild, meaning it doesn't abide by the rules typically laid out for guilds and is generally regarded as a criminal organization. When they try to get their hands on an outlandishly powerful and destructive magical item called Nirvana, it's up to the Fairy Tail guild to stop them. To accomplish this, they team up with several others guilds, including Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Cait Shelter.

    Watching the main characters work to accomplish something on a larger scale rather than with their guild alone offers an interesting change of pace, and it's part of what makes this underrated arc so appealing to watch.

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    The 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc falls to the wayside compared to other Hunter X Hunter storylines, perhaps because it occurs later on in a long series. Viewership inevitably drops off as longer shows wear on, regardless of quality. 

    The arc, involving an official election to decide on a chairman, introduces some of the anime's most fascinating figures, including the protagonist's father, Ging, who up until this point had been estranged from his son. It also gives viewers more information about the Zoldyck family, including the heretofore unknown Alluka, whose powers can grant wishes for terrible prices. This truly fascinating arc is well worth any Hunter X Hunter fan's time.

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