The Most Underrated Beatles Songs

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Vote up the Beatles songs you think don't get enough credit - not those that are just your favorites.

With a band like The Beatles, it's easy to focus on their abundance of hits. Their catalog boasts some of the biggest songs in music history, but that doesn't mean everything else is chopped liver. Some of most underrated Beatles songs are perhaps some of their best, depending on who you ask, of course. For a band like The Beatles that has so many hit songs, it's easy for other great tracks to get lost in the shuffle and there's a batch of songs that, for one reason or another, have been overlooked.

So what are the most underrated Beatles songs? Well, this list can include any song outside of their greatest hits (there are a ton of them) and that means even singles are fair game. You'll see a number of songs you're familiar with, and others you aren't. But that's the joy of this list. There are so many Beatles songs - if you think one song is underrated, then add it! Vote or rerank this list to you how deem it to be fit, based on which of these great Beatles tracks you think are the most underrated.
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