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16 Underrated Haunted House Movies That Remind Us To Leave The Light On

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While mutated creatures, vampires, or zombies are less likely to continue scaring us once the films are over, haunted house movies are a subgenre capable of creating lasting dread. The uncertainty of the supernatural may be enough reason to cause audiences to leave the lights on after watching a well-made haunted house film, especially in the case of these underrated gems. Even for those who have not seen them, classics like The Shining and Poltergeist have become cultural trademarks. And in recent years, Blumhouse Productions has popularized the subgenre with hit franchises like The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious. The films here may not be as well-known or remembered, but they are still capable of scaring audiences lucky enough to discover them.

Early haunted house films by Georges Méliès such as The House of the Devil (1896) and The Haunted Castle (1897) provided opportunities to experiment with the medium and visual effects, though they were more fantastical and whimsical than frightening. Even the early sound films with haunted houses were more comedic than scary, but this changed once the horror genre embraced the narratives in the 1940s. Since then, these specific supernatural films have provided horror with some of its most chilling stories. Whether it's doors and drawers opening on their own, apparitions appearing in the dark of night, or the possession of inhabitants and inanimate objects, these films feature tropes that continue to excite and terrify audiences.

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