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18 Underrated Psychological Thrillers That Truly Get Inside Your Head

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There are many types of thrillers, but the psychological variety is truly able to get inside the audience’s head. These thrillers specifically play on the characters’ psyches, with the viewer often brought along for the journey. Psychological thrillers may deal with confusion, sanity/madness, self-doubt, hallucinations, memory, or questions about identity. More important than the cast of characters or plot is the sense of uncertainty about who or what can be trusted within the narrative.

There are many arguments for the best psychological thrillers of all time, whether found in the serial killer narrative of The Silence of the Lambs or the haunted house formula of The Shining. The underrated films included here are not nearly as celebrated, but are still deserving of consideration. They may have failed to impress critics initially, or didn't earn enough at the box office to be considered a success, or simply aren't as widely known as they should be.

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