The Most Undeserving Members of the Rock Hall of Fame

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Rock Hall of Fame members who are inducted, but shouldn't be. Only include people or bands currently in the Rock Hall. Vote up if you agree they don't belong, vote down if you think they do belong.

The most undeserving members of the Rock Hall of Fame are all respectable and successful musicians and bands but quite simply, not at the level of other Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. These bands and singers are far from the level of legends like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen and Elvis Presley but somehow found their way into the Rock Hall regardless.

While all of these least deserving Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members were kind of a big deal back in their day, it's highly likely that most normal people would have never heard of these folks. Ask any 25-year-old if they've ever heard of Darlene Love, Bobby Bland or Jimmy Cliff. See if they can tell you who Gene Vincent, Jimmy Reed or The Moonglows are. Challenge them to name one song from Little Willie John, LaVern Baker or The Flamingos. That person might not be able to recognize any of those names but they all are musicians and bands inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Puzzling isn't it?

No one is doubting any of the talent or success of these musicians (or saying that they are the worst people to ever make music) but when other (better) singers and bands have been snubbed for induction, it's valid to examine the interesting selections. For instance, among the musicians who deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame include Deep Purple, Rush, KISS, Journey, Cheap Trick, Jethro Tull and numerous others. Yet these big names were overlooked in place of ancient musicians like Dion, Frankie Lymon and Traffic.

Which Rock Hall inductees do you think are the most undeserving? Think an overrated and already inducted singer or band shouldn't be in the hall while another should? Add those musicians who you think are the most undeserving, vote up for those you think are the least deserving and even re-rank this list your way all below on this list of the most undeserving members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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