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Undeserving Members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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List RulesThe players at the top of the list are the ones who are the most undeserving members

The most undeserving members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame are all great players who have contributed great things to the game, but are not quite up to that elite level deserving of enshrinement. While most of the time the Board of Selectors gets their inductions right, occasionally and especially in these cases, they might be a little too lenient on who they add to the wall of bronze busts in Canton, Ohio.

A list of the worst players in the Football Hall of Fame would still be a list of great football players. There is no question that all of these men are stellar NFL players, even some of the best football players of all time who have played for the greatest pro football teams of all time. However, when you compare their contributions to the league to the stars of today, they fall quite short.

Lynn Swann, for example, had a decorated career as a receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers but really only had a few Hall of Fame-worthy games and never finished in the top five among receivers during his career. Bob Griese, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, is another good example. Completing only 77.1% of his passes, Griese never topped 2,500 passing yards in a season. For reference, in 2011, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees passed for 5,476.

Then there are others who are deserving of enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but not for the reasons they were inducted. Dick LeBeau is arguably one of the best defensive coordinators in the history of the National Football League but was inducted after one of the worst playing careers as a defensive back with the Detroit Lions.

So for all the greats in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there are also some duds. In the end, the Gale Sayers, Joe Namaths and O.J. Simpsons are all above average players but when you really get down to comparing their careers to the top football players of today, they simply are undeserving of being members of the Pro Football hall of Fame.