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The Most Unfortunate Mutations In The X-Men Universe

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What would be the worst mutant power to have in real life? It's not like every mutant is lucky enough to get to fly and control the weather or read peoples' minds. Some mutants are turned into humanoid birds or sprout three mouths on their necks.

Some mutants get wild superpowers that blast giant holes in their chest and face. Some mutants just get a really long neck. While some mutants hit a genuine genetic home run, others are just left with powers that are unfortunate at best and embarrassing at worst. Vote up the mutations in the X-Men universe that are truly unfortunate.

  • Poor Robert Herman. He was raised by a father who hated mutants and, well, there are few more obvious mutants than Glob Herman himself. A giant, pink, gelatinous humanoid, Glob has transparent skin that shows off his skeleton and internal organs. 

    Glob eventually found a home with the X-Men, but at times, he's even a bit of an outcast among some of the brattier members of the mutant youth, as his physical appearance is often the object of ridicule.

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    Bailey Hoskins Can Combust

    Brainchild of Say Anything frontman Max Bemis and star of the 2016 limited series X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever, Bailey Hoskins was a mutant who resided in the reality of Earth-TRN656 as opposed to the main continuity of Earth-616. He was labeled the "Worst X-Man Ever" due to the unfortunate mutant ability of being able to self-combust.

    Unfortunately for Hoskins, this ability was only able to be used one time, as his mutation did not come with self-regeneration powers. This just made Hoskins a normal guy who could make himself into a bomb and end himself. Not a fun mutation.

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    Ugly John Has Three Ugly Faces

    There isn't much to say about Ugly John, as he made a mere two appearances in Marvel Comics back at the turn of the century before biting the dust. Is it sad that his friends nicknamed him "Ugly John" when his real name was Steve? Yes. Those seem like terrible friends.

    Ugly John had three faces, which would make you think he had six eyes, but in fact he only had four, as his faces melded together. His peripheral vision and smelling capabilities must have been out of this world but, other than that, this mutation seems like one you really wouldn't want to be stuck with.

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    Beak Is A Humanoid Bird

    Barnell Bohusk certainly got the short end of the stick. As far as mutant powers go, Bohusk - AKA Beak - didn't really get much in the way of usefulness. He can fly only with great effort and can see far distances thanks to his avian-based mutation, but he isn't great in a fight.

    All his mutation really did was turn him into a man who looks a lot like a giant bird. But he took this in stride and continued being a great guy, which led him to a long-term relationship with his wife, Angel Salvadore.

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