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The Most Unnecessary New Babies in TV History

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List of the most unnecessary new babies in TV history. These are the babies who were added after the show was off and running but didn’t give a noticeable lift to the show’s quality. In some cases, the show might have been better before the boring baby character was added. Vote up the most unnecessary TV babies, especially the ones audiences weren’t that excited to see.

 New babies are added to a show’s cast for many reasons --  have you ever felt as though not all of the reasons are good? New babies are sometimes used as a Hail Mary attempt to revive a dying TV show. This doesn’t work, however, when the new baby plot feels unnecessary or forced. In these cases, networks or producers will attempt to create hype for the pregnancy, and viewers can sense it. TV babies are also introduced as an ‘awww’ way to end a series, which occasionally comes across as emotional manipulation.

 When an unnecessary baby character is introduced, he or she will often be accompanied by clichés, such as the screaming delivery or the ‘you’re drinking breast milk’ gag. Many unimportant TV babies are also subjected to Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, going from a newborn to a toddler (or older) in the space of a few seasons. A prime example is Little Nicky from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” who went from infant to preschooler in one season while the rest of the cast didn’t age or change. 

 Whatever the reason an unnecessary TV baby appears, it’s usually to much sighing by audiences. This list contains the most unneeded TV baby characters, the ones who failed to excite. Vote up the most unnecessary, least exciting TV babies of all time.
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