The Most Unrealistic Action Films

List Rules
Must be a movie with elements of unbelievability. Cannot be self aware. No sci-fi or fantasy films.

A list of the most unrealistic action films. The films on this list have done well for themselves because of their insane plots and odd universes. Each one of these movies has an element (or 12) that make it unrealistic in some manor, but which ones are the most unrealistic action movies of all time? Vote up which ones you think are the most unrealistic and vote down the ones that could still potentially be considered a realistic movie (yes we get it - action movies are inherently unrealistic, but some of these are just off the charts).

Each movie on this list was selected because they are considered some of the most unbelievable action movies ever made. When thinking of the most unrealistic action movie, one thinks of dramatic action sequences, gore, guns, and explosions.

The movies on this list are separated by a fine line of good and bad. When one of these movies is good, most of the unbelievable things that happen are usually looked past because they are justified by the film. When one of them is bad, it is really bad. Each over the top action sequence is frowned upon and it takes you out of the experience of watching the movie.

The universes that these movies exist in are ones where nearly anything is possible. Reality is not something these movies aim to achieve. So long as the story is told, and the explosions are big. anything goes in this list of the most unrealistic, unbelievable, and over the top action movies.
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