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26 Unsettling Paintings We Can't Stop Looking At

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Artwork can be figurative or literal, prompting a reaction by the viewer while simultaneously expressing the emotions and opinions of the creator. Sometimes, artwork is disturbing - whether it's intended to be so or not - evoking a sense of uneasiness and fascination all at once.

Often focused on themes that revolve around life and death, unnerving works of art call attention to the human condition itself. Throughout history, unsettling paintings have incorporated Biblical tales, perceptions of hell, and countless mythical notions. Artists like Francisco Goya have expressed reactions to social goings-on, while ideas about spirituality and religion appear over and over again.

The creepiness of a work of art involves a fair amount of subjectivity, but these unsettling paintings caught our attention. We can't look away, even though we're decidedly unsettled. What about you?