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The Most Unspeakable Things The Joker Has Ever Done To Harley Quinn

There is no comic book relationship as well-known or misinterpreted as the bond shared between the Joker and Harley Quinn. Despite the fandom that has rallied around their coupling, the history of the Joker and Harley Quinn is a strange, twisted, and startlingly violent tale. Even in a medium that is notoriously sexist, Joker and Harley give the term "toxic relationship" a whole new definition.

Looking back on all the times the Joker abused Harley Quinn, one might mistake the demented clown's actions as typically morbid; after all, when isn't the Joker acting like an unhinged killer? However, the character often takes his villainy to new heights when he's with Harley, resulting in scenes that are ugly in a manner that feels far too real for comics. 

As the popularity of both characters continues to rise, it's important to look back at some of their relationship's darkest moments. While the duo certainly makes for a fun set of Halloween costumes, this isn't the type of romance you want to emulate. 

  • Joker Threatens To Cut Harley's Face Off

    The Joker's character has seen many variants over the years, most of which revolve around his sheer cruelty. At his most sadistic, the Joker often inflicts some truly horrifying acts of violence upon those he "cares" about.

    Due to his constant paranoia regarding Harley's allegiance to him, it's not uncommon for the Joker to force Harley to renew her loyalty through some gruesome or abusive challenge. However, when the Joker says that he's going to have to literally cut Harley's face off, she's understandably a bit hesitant to agree. 

    To make things (arguably) worse, Joker doesn't even end up going through with the act. Instead, he just throws a hood over Harley's head and walks away, leaving her to cower indefinitely in fear. 

  • Joker Plans To Execute Harley In Front Of Batman

    Photo: Batman / DC Comics

    While he may claim to love Harley, readers know that there's no one the Joker truly loves as much as Batman. Seriously, even Bruce Wayne is aware of the Joker's undying love for him. 

    With this in mind, it doesn't come as much of a shock to find out that, at some point during Grant Morrison's run on Batman, the Joker plans to surprise Batman by killing Harley Quinn right in front of him. The plan horrifies both Batman and Harley, though it's not enough to end the relationship, much to the dismay of comic book fans everywhere.

  • Joker Throws Harley To A Pack Of Hyenas On Their Anniversary

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    Unlike Mr. J., Harley isn't afraid of showing her affection with bold, confident gestures. Her romantic confidence peaks when she decides to celebrate their seven-year anniversary by literally covering herself in pudding and inviting him to "take the night off."

    Unfortunately for Harley, The Joker isn't in a "party mood," and responds to her gift by throwing her into an alley packed with hungry hyenas. In case that wasn't enough, the Joker also takes a moment to insult the taste of the pudding, and calls Harley a "bad cook."

  • Joker Throws Harley Out A Window When She Tries To Help With His Work

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    The Joker takes pride in his own ability to add a splash of ironic, sadistic humor to all of his schemes, and revels in watching Batman traverse his well-laid plots.

    When the Joker decides to feed Batman to a vat full of starving piranhas, Harley tries her best to make that the plan goes off without a hitch. To expedite Batman's death — and to bring to life Joker's plan, titled "The Death of 100 Smiles" — Harley hangs the Dark Knight upside down over a piranha-filled vat. 

    When Joker finds out that Harley altered one of his plans without his permission, he hits her with a swordfish, jettisoning her out of a window.