The Most Used GIFs on the Internet 

Ron Mexico
Updated August 30, 2017 1.1k votes 157 voters 25.6k views 20 items
List of the most used GIFs on the internet. Whenever people want to respond to comments in an amusing way, they turn to reaction GIFs to display their emotions. Here we have compiled a ranking of the top most overused GIFs, granted they might be overused for a reason, on the entire world wide web. Check out our list of popular GIFs that come from movies, television, and seemingly anywhere else.
Some of the funniest GIFs and most popular reaction GIFs come from the funniest celebrities. For instance, Conan's sarcastic clap seems to be the trendiest way to express how not impressed you are (kind of like the viral unimpressed Willy Wonka meme). Speaking of unimpressed, Tina Fey's eye-rolling as Liz Lemon in "30 Rock" has become a GIF sensation. And, of course, when two people are starting to get personal in a Facebook faux-political debate, everyone's favorite reaction GIFs are either Michael Jackson or Stephen Colbert eating popcorn and enjoying the show.
Homer Simpson Backing Away

Used to quietly escape an extremely awkward moment.
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Bully Penguin

Used when you want to, well, smack someone for being so stupid.
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Michael Jackson at the Movies

Used when something entertaining is or is about to happen.
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Orson Welles Clapping

Used when someone has done something worthy of intense (or ironic) applause.
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