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'Star Wars' Droids, Ranked By How Useful They’d Be In Real Life

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Everyone talks about the Force, the Rebel Alliance, and the Empire, but no one thinks about what really makes the galaxy far, far away run - droids. Throughout the Star Wars series, droids, be they commando or protocol, have taken care of operations on Star Destroyers, X-wings, and even entire planets. Their work tends to go underappreciated because (with a few exceptions) they avoid drama and simply do their jobs. Which is exactly why everyone should have one. But if you could own droids, which ones would you want?

Some, like battle droids, wouldn’t be all that helpful in a civilian home or office. Who really needs something that can generate a pulse shield for extended periods of time? On the other hand, an astromech (the same model as R2-D2) would be incredibly helpful around the house - maybe in conjunction with a mouse droid and a vulture. It all depends what your priorities are. Human-cyborg relations, or spic-and-span floors?

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    Photo: Star Wars / 20th Century Fox

    Functions: This astromech is built to work as a starship mechanic and fighter pilot's assistant. 

    Most Useful Skill: Excellent at hacking

    What They Contributed To The Star Wars Universe: R2 is the connective tissue between many generations of the Skywalker family. He serves Princess Amidala before assisting General Leia, and works alongside Luke Skywalker to take out the first Death Star. Along the way, he also manages to help defeat Jabba the Hutt and fix the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon. Whether you need someone to gather critical information from the Bespin mainframe or fling a lightsaber across a Sarlacc pit, R2's your droid of all trades.

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    Photo: The Empire Strikes Back / 20th Century Fox

    Functions: 2-1Bs are created to be doctors that could diagnose any illness and treat any inury someone might encounter across the galaxy. They're designed to have multiple limbs that can operate a large array of medical tools

    Most Useful Skill: Surgical acumen

    What They Contributed To The Star Wars Universe: A 2-1B attaches a mechanical hand to Luke Skywalker after it's cut off by a certain Mr. Vader. 

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    Functions: This sarcastic droid, a brave friend to the Rebels, was once an Imperial security droid, but has been reprogrammed.

    Most Useful Skill: Loyalty, aggression

    What They Contributed To The Star Wars Universe: Even though K-2SO has been reprogrammed, he maintains his knowledge of Imperial installations, which is a huge help in the Rebels' desperate mission to transmit schematics for the Death Star to the Rebel command ship.

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    Photo: Star Wars / 20th Century Fox

    Functions: Programmed for etiquette and protocol, C-3PO is primarily meant to assist with trade and diplomacy. 

    Most Useful Skill: Translator

    What They Contributed To The Star Wars Universe: Every Star Wars fan knows that no matter how annoying he is, C-3PO is one of the most important droids in the galaxy. Among his most important actions: making sure Uncle Owen purchases R2-D2 rather than the malfunctioning droid the Jawas were attempting to pawn off on him, and using his translation skills to smooth things over between Han Solo's commando squad and the Ewoks.