The Most Useless College Majors

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A list of the worst college majors that are most unlikely to result in gainful post-graduate employment. Join the other rankers who've shared their opinions of the most useless college degrees that will poorly prepare you for job market. Are they the dumbest college majors? Not necessarily! Peace Studies sound pretty hopeful for the world. Are they fun majors to study? French food qualifies! The downside is that on the overall list of college majors, they happen to be the most difficult to find a well paying job. 

Often, when students first enter a community college or four-year university program, they're encouraged to pursue a course of study that most interests them. They're not thinking about whether their passion is considered as one of the worst majors. The idea is that they will first become dedicated to, and excited about, learning something, and then they'll eventually figure out how to apply their interests towards pursuing a career. And ideally it will be one of the most useful majors. 

But the economy is unpredictable, and jobs for recent grads from liberal arts majors aren't often plentiful. So this philosophy is being reconsidered (as is studying Philosophy in general!). Yes, Philosophy usually ranks among the worst college degrees. Graduating with a degree in a humanities subject deemed as "useless" can be a real detriment to finding work, even as newly minted electrical engineers and computer developers get snatched up quickly by startups and tech companies.

This list provides some insight into the majors seen as "most useless" by the public at large. Vote for the departments you'd be least likely to join on your nearest campus, and if we've missed a major you think is utterly without merit, add it at the bottom of the page. But just don't call college useless overall. Coursework in fields like science and math continue to be more directly hirable among the list of college majors. 

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