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11 Ridiculous & Useless School Supplies for Spoiled Kids

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Here are the most useless school supplies spoiled students everywhere will be trying to manip**ate their parents to buy this year. From Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton hot items to Matrix inspired backpacks we have it all.
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    Burberry Notebook Case

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    $380 bucks can buy a lot of things, including this notebook case. Seems a bit much, right?
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    Burberry Pencil Case

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    When it's time to pull out your pencil, nothing screams style quite like having a Burberry pencil case. While many of the students may be envious of the look and brand name, what they won't like is spending the $150 on something so useless.
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    Louis Vuitton Backpack

    For the low price of $2,200, this snazzy backpack can be yours. I mean, it's not like if you walk around with a LV backpack is going to bring attention at school, right? Between jealous classmates and dismissive teachers, it's likely few will jump in when the student is inevitably jumped for this backpack.
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    Juicy Couture Binder

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    Every budding pop-princess wanna be is clamoring for this $48.00 Juicy Binder. Really a $48.00 binder versus $2.50 at Wallmart? Here's a good tip on binders, last year's binder+duck tape=savings of $48.00 and a quick lesson on fiscal responsibility.
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