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11 Ridiculous & Useless School Supplies for Spoiled Kids

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Here are the most useless school supplies spoiled students everywhere will be trying to manip**ate their parents to buy this year. From Juicy Couture and Louis Vuitton hot items to Matrix inspired backpacks we have it all.
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    Christian Dior Ballpoint Pen

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    At a time when you buy a batch of pens for under $10, paying $350 for a Dior ballpoint pen seems like a lot, right? Unless your budding student becomes the founder of the next big technology or is a future finance wizard, it probably isn't wise to plunk down this much dinero for a pen.
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    Louis Vuitton Pencil

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    Nothing says learning like a $185.00 LV pencil . Every time a parent drops the equivalent of small car payment on a pencil America dies just a little.
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    Chanel Pencil Case and Ruler

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    For $199, you can be the owner of three brand new Chanel pencils and a ruler! Or for about one percent of that, you can own a non-Chanel version of that.
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    Chanel Notebook Cover

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    Nothing screams unnecessary school item like a $950 Chanel black quilted lambskin leather notebook cover! Does any school item need to cost that much? Seriously?
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