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The Most Valuable Board Games That Could Be Gathering Dust In A Closet

Updated 25 Jul 2019 22.8k views15 items

We all played board games growing up, but unless you're a hardened collector, there are only a few of us who ever thought those fun and interesting means of passing the time were actually worth any real money. Think about it for a second: Everyone has board games, and people play them until they are missing pieces and falling apart - but therein lies the collector's market. There are a few hard-to-find old board games worth money, and they can fetch a ton of cash in an online auction.

The funny thing about those games is that you might be sitting on one and not even know it. In a box somewhere, perhaps in an attic, or maybe in your basement, there could be vintage board games worth money, such as a copy of Monopoly from way back. If it's in good condition and has all of its pieces, you could be sitting on a goldmine. The most valuable board games are also the games you'd least expect to earn anything off of, but it's time to dust off some boxes, because you might just have one or more of these rare board games worth money hidden in your closet.

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