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Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids That Are Worth A Ton Of Money

Updated September 25, 2019 60.1k views14 items

There's really no set guide to determining the value of any given Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Some of the rarest vintage CPK dolls can be worth a lot of money, while others may still sell for their initial retail price. Though not all vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls are worth very much, there are a few rare exceptions to keep an eye out for the next time you're cleaning out your attic. Ironically, some of the most valuable Cabbage Patch Dolls weren't sold under their now-famous name.

Back in 1978 when Cabbage Patch creator Xavier Roberts first began selling his dolls, he made each one by hand. Dubbed "Little People," each doll had a soft cloth head and was signed by the creator himself. These days, Little People can bring in hundreds of dollars due to their rare nature. Among the most expensive dolls from the Cabbage Patch Kids line seem to be those released in the first few years after 1982. This was when the brand was officially renamed 'Cabbage Patch Kids,' as the dolls began to be mass produced. Both vintage Cabbage Patch Kids sold in other countries and those still in their original packaging seem to sell particularly well. Here you'll find some of the dolls which have sold for the most money on eBay to help you get an idea of which dolls tend to be worth the most.

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    1986 CPK Doll With Original Clothing

    1986 CPK Doll With Original Clothing
    Photo: little6692 / eBay

    Sold For: $700.00

    This vintage kid is from 1986 but is still in such mint condition that she was able to be listed as "new." She also comes with her original clothing, which bears the Cabbage Patch logo. This likely worked to her advantage when it came to pulling in an awesome price. 


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      1979 Andrew Blair- Little People Doll With Birth Certificate

      1979 Andrew Blair- Little People Doll With Birth Certificate
      Photo: littlemarz / eBay

      Sold For: $698.00

      This adorable infant comes with his own birth certificate which identifies him as Andrew Blair. It also tells us that his birthday was August 8, 1979. Since then, both he and his paperwork have been kept in excellent condition, making this Xavier Robert original a rare find.
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        1985 CPK Doll

        Sold For: $650.00

        If you've got a vintage Cabbage Patch kid in its unopen, original packaging, then you may just be in business. This 1985 doll sold for hundreds due to its unopened status, which guarantees that it, along with its original clothing and unopened birth certificate, are in perfect condition. 


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          1979 Freckled Little People Doll

          Sold For: $525.00

          This hand made original is hand signed "Xavier 79" and brought in over $500, even though its clothes are not original. She comes with cute red yarn pigtails and adorable freckles sprinkled across her face.