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Vintage Fisher-Price Toys That Are Worth A Lot Of Money Now

Updated February 25, 2020 15.9k views12 items

When it comes to classic toys, Fisher-Price is at the top of the list. Founded in 1930, the popular child’s toy line came to fame in the 1960s with their incredibly popular Little People line. These vintage Fisher-Price toys featured adorable little figures packed inside fun and educational playsets. While most of the toys were staples in households from the late '60s up to the early '90s, it turns out those old toys you used to play can sell for a pretty decent amount today.

Parents often say that one of the greatest things about Fisher-Price toys is the simple fact that they help promote active learning rather than passive playing: kids can learn by pressing certain buttons or listening to fun songs that teach the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, and important life skills. Another great thing about Fisher-Price toys is that they are affordable and are suited for all age groups. But while some sets aren’t worth much, some rare Fisher-Price toys could be worth a small fortune.

Here you’ll get a look at some of the most valuable Fisher-Price toys that were sold on eBay, as well as the exact amount they went for. If you have any old or collectible toys lying around the house, you may want to consider putting them up for sale. Who knows if you’re currently sitting on some of the most expensive Fisher-Price toys ever made.

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    GeoTrax Christmas Train Christmas in Toytown Train

    Photo: slheier6125 / eBay

    Sold for: $324.00

    Year made: 2010

    Not necessarily a 'vintage' toy, but almost anything that's labeled as limited is bound to skyrocket as the years go by.

    This Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Train playset comes with two moveable street lights, a bridge that plays cute holiday tunes, and a skating rink with spotlights. The set also includes a station and 16 pieces of train tracks. A recent eBay was able to sell their new set for more than $300. Definitely a hefty profit considering the original MSRP.

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      Little People Nursery School

      Photo: ddgdjs / eBay

      Sold for: $299.95

      Year made: 1978

      Released in the late '70s, the Little People Nursery School was an adorable mini playset kids were sure to love. A recent MiB (mint in box) set sold for nearly $300 on eBay.

      The Fisher-Price Little People Nursery School is in good condition and the contents of this toy resemble life at a nursery school. This set comes with a yellow school bus and the school along with small wooden people.

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        Vintage Fisher Price Little People Play Family Castle

        Photo: yellowildflowers / eBay

        Sold for: $299.00

        Year made: 1974

        The Fisher-Price Little People Play Family Castle was first manufactured in the 1970s and comes with oodles of fun accessories. A recent eBay seller sold their complete set (minus the box) for almost $300.

        The original set comes with a castle, pink dragon, king, queen, knight, prince, princess, and knight. It also features with a black horse and a brown horse, which are definitely hard to find today.

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          Little People Family Action Garage

          Photo: irishdinny / eBay

          Sold for: $289.99

          Year made: 1970

          Definitely on the older side of Fisher-Price sets, the Action Garage was part of the original Little People line and only featured a handful of accessories.

          A recent eBay seller sold their playset for just under $300 in Dec 2019. While it appeared to still be in good condition, a key reason why this set sold so quickly was the fact that it included all the original accessories. The Action Garage includes the wooden people, elevator, the garage, and a red and white gas hose are all definitely hard to come by these days.