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Furbies That Are Worth A Ton Of Money Now

Furby is a vintage children's toy that resembles a cross between a talking robot and an exotic bird. To some, the chatty toy was charming and cute; it could provide endless hours of entertainment to anyone down to decorate a stuffed bird or converse openly with a voice bank. To others, it was a totally annoying and inescapable chatterbox, and the slew of creepy Furby stories available on the web suggest the little birds came straight from the uncanny valley. 

Remembered as one of the most polarizing fads of the '90s - an era characterized, among other things, by the revitalized popularity of Troll dolls - Furby became too much of a sensational kids toy to ever forget. Featuring a variety of patterns, fur tones, and eye colors, Furby barged its way into nearly every store and home it could.

Seemingly useless in the age of tablets and virtual reality games, tossing a Furby might seem tempting. However, collectors still go batty over the weird little birds. And as it turns out, you could make some pretty big bucks while re-homing your estranged, psychedelic relic of decades past.