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The Most Valuable Guns In History

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There's plenty of talk about how easy it is to get ahold of a gun in America, but that doesn't apply to the more expensive varieties. These wildly pricey weapons command huge sums of money because of their artistic and historical value, and tend to be highly sought-after by serious gun collectors. 

With certain firearms on this list, it's unlikely anyone outside the most dedicated collectors will ever see them, let alone get the opportunity to purchase them. That's because they have serious historical value - like the saddle pistols that once belonged to George Washington, later auctioned off for close to $2 million. Others, like the renowned Fabbri guns of Italy, are still possible to purchase and can fetch a hefty sum. 

Do you have any of these weapons in your collection? If so, here's hoping they're in good condition. Everything on this list is worth serious cash - but the more properly they're cared for, the higher their value.

  • .45 Luger Pistol

    How Much It's Worth: Up to $1 million

    Why It's Worth So Much: Lugers are semi-automatic fixed-barrel pistols best known for being used in Germany during WWI and WWII. Though Lugers have been used by a wide range of national militaries, they're heavily associated with Nazi Germany, and are frequently used in movies and other forms of pop culture that feature SS troops. While this association is distasteful, the guns are an important part of history, which may explain their ability to command such a high price. There is a .45 caliber version of the Luger, but because only two were ever produced, the two that exist can fetch exorbitant prices of up to $1 million.

  • The Colt Walker

    Photo: Samuel Colt / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    How Much It's Worth: Sold for $920,000 in October 2008

    Why It's Worth So Much: Produced in the 1840s, the Colt Walker is a historic and rare revolver. It was a collaboration between Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker and Samuel Colt, hence the name. Because it was both small enough to fit inside horse-mounted holsters and large enough to take out a horse, it was useful in the Mexican-American War. Today, it has little practical application and is primarily a collector's item. Only 1,100 models were ever made, and only 100 of those made it onto the civilian market.

  • Holland & Holland 'Royal' Deluxe Double Rifle

    How Much It's Worth: $228,000 and up

    Why It's Worth So Much: Holland & Holland is a luxury gun outfit with guns so expensive you have to contact the company directly to get their prices. However, one source claims they can cost upwards of $228,000, which is more than most people make in five years. These weapons are made by master artisans who put 850 hours into crafting each one. The company sells its guns to some very fancy people, including the British royal family.

  • The Colt Paterson

    How Much It's Worth: Up to $169,500

    Why It's Worth So Much: The Colt Paterson, patented in 1836 and manufactured a year later, was the first single-action revolver ever created. Despite its innovative nature and the fact that it had significantly improved accuracy over other guns of its kind, it didn't sell well initially, and only 2,850 models were produced over a span of five years. However, the guns catapulted to fame after the Texas Rangers successfully used them during the 1844 Pedernales River fight.