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The Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars

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One man's trash is another collector's treasure. While the most expensive Hot Wheels car stands out among the crowd (it is encrusted in thousands of real diamonds, after all), some of the most expensive Hot Wheels cars look almost exactly like their less valuable counterparts. Without a keen eye, these rare cruisers could easily be tossed aside to become victims of another garage sale.

To get the most money out of old Hot Wheels cars, they should be kept in good condition. Even with dings and paint chips, some rare Hot Wheels cars are worth more than the vehicles they represent. To find one of these cars would be to unearth a true gem.

  • Brown Classic '31 Woody (1969)

    Photo: eBay

    What It's Worth: This old-timey brown cruiser is priced at $5,200.

    Why It's Worth So Much: The brown '31 Woody is a Hot Wheels car modeled after the classic '31 Ford Woody. The brown cars are the hardest to find of the set, with only around a dozen or so existing. Its brown exterior comes with modified letters on the roof, which make collectors speculate that the brown version is either a prototype or an early production of the Woody. 

  • Python With Cheetah Base (1968)

    Photo: eBay

    What It's Worth: The price for this rare cheetah-bottomed car sits around $5,200.

    Why It's Worth So Much: The design of the 1968 Hot Wheels Python was originally based off of a custom car built for Car Craft magazine car called "Dream Rod," which later evolved into the "Tiger Shark." The prototype of this highly stylish car comes printed with the word "CHEETAH" on the base, and they're extremely rare. Only a few Cheetah Pythons have been verified as official Hot Wheels cars.

  • Purple Olds 442 (1971)

    Photo: eBay

    What It's Worth: A purple Hot Wheels Olds 442 could fetch its owner around $5,200.

    Why It's Worth So Much: Sculpted in homage of the 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass, the 1971 Hot Wheels Olds 442 was crafted with a special opening hood. The rarest of these cars is the purple Olds 442, and only a couple of them have surfaced. 

  • Brown Custom Dodge Charger (1969)

    Photo: eBay

    What It's Worth: A Custom Dodge Charger in brown totals a staggering $5,200.

    Why It's Worth So Much: Hot Wheels cranked out the 1969 Custom Dodge Charger to celebrate the creation of the two-door coupe. This car has never been found in a blister pack, leading collectors to believe that this brown variant is a prototype of the commercial toy. While a few different colors of prototypes, such as silver and orange, exist, brown is by far the rarest.