McDonald's Happy Meal Toys You Threw Away That Are Worth An Insane Amount Of Money Today

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Growing up, a well-placed McDonald's Happy Meal toy could make an otherwise mundane meal feel considerably more memorable. A good Happy Meal toy was all that any kid could ask for, even if the novelty often wore off within a few hours. However, when viewed with more mature eyes, the toys quickly lose their magic; what was once essential is now just worthless plastic meant to bait children into eating unhealthy food. Well, perhaps "worthless" isn't the right word, as there are some happy meal toys that are now worth a lot of money. 

eBay users have gone mad bidding on the most valuable McDonald's Happy Meal toys. While it might seem absurd to drop over $50 on something that was once given out for free, this isn't the first time seemingly worthless objects have garnered a high price on the website; rare Pokémon cards routinely sell for more money than any piece of cardboard ever should. The farther back one looks, the rarer the toys become, and happy meal prizes from the '80s and '90s tend to fetch the highest prices. 

If you ever frequented the restaurant, you'll probably remember a lot of these toys from your childhood. In that case, get ready to feel happy, then sad, because you're about to be reminded of a lot of McDonald's toys you'll wish you still had.