Vintage 'My Little Pony' Toys That Are Worth A Ton Now

Remember those vintage My Little Pony toys you or your sister played with when you were a kid? Well, it turns out some of those happy little ponies can sell for obscene amounts of money on eBay. The pony culture has even given birth to an unexpected breed of adult male fans, aptly named Bronies (who you can read all about here). That said, it's important to note that not all My Little Pony toys are worth a lot, no matter how old they are. In fact, when it comes to answering which My Little Ponies are the most valuable, it's not quite so cut and dry. The truth is that while some ponies are definitely rarer than others, there's no solid price guide that can tell you exactly how much any of them are definitively worth. 

A great deal of determining the value of rare My Little Pony toys is simply a matter of supply and demand. In other words, they're pretty much worth whatever someone out there is willing to pay. That said, a few things will definitely increase their selling power. Among such determining factors are where they were made, how they were sold, and how well they've been preserved. In general, ponies that were either only available in countries outside the USA or through mail-order programs will likely sell for a great deal more than those that were available in stores nationwide. Packaging is also a big factor, as a pony in mint condition that's never been removed from its original box can easily shoot up a few hundred dollars in value.

Here you'll get a look at some of the most valuable My Little Pony toys that have ever actually been sold on eBay, as well as how much they went for.