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The Most Ridiculously Valuable Nintendo 64 Games

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At first glance, your Nintendo game collection probably doesn't seem very valuable to anyone other than you and your childhood memories. After some diligent digging around, however, you might just realize a few of the cartridges you've casually snagged over the years are now worth more than you paid for your N64 back in the day. Nerds across the globe will fork over heaps of cash to get their hands on rare collectibles, especially if it's something retro and out of print.

After recognizing the true value of your Nintendo 64 games, you'll start to understand the real-life, tangible value of holding onto your timeless treasures. Next time you think about pawning off your old geeky goods when they go out of style, just remember some future nerd out there will be more than willing to pay you a high price for your rare video game merch.