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How Much Every NBA Team Is Worth

11 Feb 202030 items

The most valuable NBA franchises are among the most famous and storied teams in the history of the league. While they are not necessarily the most successful teams the NBA has ever seen, they are all among the most popular sports teams in the world.

That is why the list of NBA team values features teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and Chicago Bulls at the top, franchises with a history of championship basketball. However, the New York Knicks are the NBA team with the most valuable despite a lengthy title drought and years of recent poor player. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the least valuable current NBA team is the Memphis Grizzlies, who have never had much success in the league.

So, if you've got $2 billion to spend (the average value of an NBA team is $2.12 billion) and are looking for an expensive splurge, check out this list of the most valuable teams in the NBA in 2020, according to Forbes magazine, and imagine what you would do to raise that value even more.

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