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Vintage PEZ Dispensers That Are Worth A Ton Of Money

These days, vintage PEZ dispensers and other toys that your parents probably bought you for a few bucks when you were growing up can sell for an obscene amount of money under the right circumstances. The PEZ collecting community is alive and well and rare Pez dispensers can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars on eBay. Unfortunately, not every old Pez dispenser from your collection is going to bring in the dough, (unless you were lucky enough to save one that's super rare). Here you'll find a list of valuable Pez dispensers (as well as a few famous PEZ that were never 'officially' released) that should give you an idea of what to look for and how much hard-to-find dispensers are worth. 

Generally, the PEZ products that tend to be the most valuable are the ones that were made in more limited numbers, such as special editions or prototypes. This is also true for PEZ that were recalled due to safety concerns or products that are so old that few others like them managed to survive intact. If you have any doubts about an old PEZ dispenser that you've come across, try doing an online search to see how much others like it have managed to sell for in the recent past. That said, if you're among the growing number of PEZ collectors and have any of the dispensers listed below, take some time to celebrate because some of them may actually be worth more than your car. 

  • Vintage Walt Disney Goofy PEZ Dispenser

    Photo: jefhornb-0 / eBay

    Sold For: $2,883.00

    Release Year: 1979

    Your day's about to get a little more magical if you've got one of these 40-year-old Goofy dispensers laying around. This footless little fellow pulled in nearly three grand on eBay! It's hard to find one that's in good condition, but if you've got one, you can easily sell it for a pretty penny.

    • Crazy Fruit Pineapple

      Photo: milamtex / eBay

      Sold For: $2,247.00

      Release Year: 1979

      This crazy little pineapple only enjoyed a short time on the market due to a child safety issue. On the bright side, it's now incredibly rare and worth a ton of money if you can find one in great condition.

      • Make A Face

        Photo: pcatita / eBay

        Sold For: $4,000.00

        Release Year: 1972

        If you have a rare "Make-a-Face" PEZ dispenser from the 1970s with all its parts, then you've got a real treasure on your hands. These Mr. Potato-style dispensers came with removable face parts that allowed kids to rearrange their pieces. Unfortunately, the model didn't last long due to concerns about kids swallowing the removable pieces. Their loss is your gain, as these PEZ regularly sell for upwards of $4K.

        • Vintage Soft Head Captain Hook

          Photo: jefhornb / eBay

          Sold For: $3,050.00

          Release Year: 1979

          Captain Hook may not be all that lovable a guy, but apparently things are very different when you slap him on top of a PEZ dispenser. He was part of a 1979 soft head Disney collection that was not sold to the public, making him an incredibly rare find.