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These Tiny Polly Pocket Toys Are Worth A Huge Amount Now

Updated May 6, 2020 9.7k views13 items

Have a few vintage Polly Pocket playsets and accessories lying around? They could be worth more than you think. While today Mattel has the licensing rights to Polly Pocket, the original toys can be traced back to a British toy company called Bluebird Toys, which started the line in 1983. (Polly Pocket toys made by Bluebird are now pretty collectible—and often extremely rare.) Mattel started redesigning the toys in the mid-90s, but the classic likeness still remains. 

The original Polly Pocket toys featured adorable cases that opened to form cute dollhouses, playsets, and more. Most of the vintage Polly Pocket dolls and figurines were also noticeably smaller than they are today, with most figures standing less than an inch tall.

If you’re curious to see how much these toys are worth today, we’ve rounded up some of the most expensive vintage Polly Pocket listings on eBay. How many of these toys did you have as a kid?

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    Jasmine's Royal Palace

    Photo: Pinterest

    Recently sold for: $400.00

    Year made: 1996

    The vintage Disney Jasmine's Royal Palace was sold in a new box although there was some slight wear around the box. This toy was first manufactured in 1996 and it was purchased in 2020. This toy had several rooms and the main colors were coral, aqua and orange. This toy also had a large pink dome along with large dolls, treasure chest, banquet hall, and all the main characters from the movie Aladdin.

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      Vintage 1996 Story Book

      Recently sold for: $320.00

      Year made: 1996

      Sold in different colors (and designs) over the years, the Polly Pocket vintage Story Book Compact was first manufactured in 1996. A rare white version was recently sold on eBay in 2020 for more than $300. The listing was sold in good condition and came with all the teeny tiny accessories. Because of the rarity of the color variant, it was quite pricey. 

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        Mini Beauty and The Beast Castle

        Photo: hevmd / eBay

        Recently sold for: $309.00

        Year made: 1997

        The Disney Polly Pocket Mini Beauty and the Beast Castle was first manufactured in 1997 and was sold on eBay for more than $300 in late 2019. This particular listing came in an unopened box and included a large castle and a few adorable figures from the animated Beauty and the Beast movie.

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          Starlight Light Up Castle Playset

          Photo: les_trois_j / eBay

          Recently sold for: $299.99

          Year made: 1993

          The vintage Polly Pocket Starlight Light Up Castle Playset was first manufactured in 1993 and came with a pocket castle and accompanying accessories, such as the dolls and ladder. eBay seller les_trois_j sold unused, unopened playset for almost $300 in 2019.