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These Tiny Polly Pocket Toys Are Worth A Huge Amount Now

Have a few vintage Polly Pocket playsets and accessories lying around? They could be worth more than you think. While today Mattel has the licensing rights to Polly Pocket, the original toys can be traced back to a British toy company called Bluebird Toys, which started the line in 1983. (Polly Pocket toys made by Bluebird are now pretty collectible—and often extremely rare.) Mattel started redesigning the toys in the mid-90s, but the classic likeness still remains. 

The original Polly Pocket toys featured adorable cases that opened to form cute dollhouses, playsets, and more. Most of the vintage Polly Pocket dolls and figurines were also noticeably smaller than they are today, with most figures standing less than an inch tall.

If you’re curious to see how much these toys are worth today, we’ve rounded up some of the most expensive vintage Polly Pocket listings on eBay. How many of these toys did you have as a kid?

  • Various Vintage Playsets

    Photo: bracham3788 / eBay

    Recently sold for: $1,275.00

    Year made: Various 1990s

    A colorful cornucopia of various Polly Pocket compacts and houses, eBay seller bracham3788 sold their opened lot for more than $1000 in February 2020. While some of the sets are complete, others are basically just shells with one or two accessories. This particular listing had more than 60 bids, which means it could've gone for a lot more (or a lot less) depending on the day. If you have a few old or vintage Polly Pocket compacts collecting dust in a box somewhere, you might want to consider unloading them for a few hundred dollars.

    • Pollyville Super Set

      Photo: sue8564 / eBay

      Recently sold for: $999.00

      Year made: 1994

      The Polly Pocket Pollyville Super Set was first manufactured in 1994 and is probably one of the most valued Polly Pocket sets of all time. Given the fact that it came with so many tiny pieces, finding one in good condition is pretty rare these days. One particular set was sold as a brand new and unopened package and came with all the tiny accessories. The set itself included a miniature small town that had a magical feel to it. The set also included a play mat for the dolls to sit and stand on as well as three cute doggos.

      • Lucy Locket Carry N Play Dream Home

        Photo: Bluebird Toys / Pinterest

        Recently sold for: $499.00

        Year made: 1992

        This vintage Polly Pocket Lucky Locket Carry n Play Dream Home was sold brand new and sealed as well as in excellent condition. This was a heart-shaped makeup box that would become a mini dollhouse for the small dolls. In addition to the dolls, this toy came with a white bathtub and other home accessories. It was first manufactured in the early 90s.

        • Trendmasters Starcastles Moonlight Star Castle

          Photo: cyeh5999 / eBay

          Recently sold for: $450.00

          Year made: 1997

          Released at the tail-end of the '90s (when Mattel started redesigning the line), the Trendmasters Staircastles Moonlight Star Castle can easily sell for $400 or more. Because of its' rarity this particular listing was able to fetch a pretty high price. In addition, Trendmasters was an important toy brand that included toys not only on Polly Pocket but also Voltron, Battlefield Earth, Gumby, and The Powerpuff Girls.