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Rare Horror Movie VHS Tapes That Just Might Make You Rich

Updated September 23, 2021 7.8k views15 items

These days, anyone can hop onto Amazon and order a Blu-ray copy of their favorite horror film within moments. In the age of the video store, stockpiling your collection took a bit more effort. Despite the ease and immediacy of the video store experience, shelves weren't exactly flooded with thousands of copies of every movie you wanted to get your hands on. People had to look around, plan accordingly, and make an effort to build their VHS libraries as if every tape was a treasured collectible of the horror genre.

Some movies were more readily available than others; some tapes practically disappeared over time. Years later, there are several rare horror VHS tapes available to anyone with the time to hunt them down and the money to buy them.

Another aspect of the collectibility of rare horror movies comes from the often subversive and socially unacceptable content of the movies themselves - or even just the cover art. Some of these movies were pulled from shelves due to obscenity laws concerning cover artwork, while others were banned in certain countries. Others still are more recognizable, even iconic horror achievements - John Carpenter's Halloween, for example - whose original VHS copies have become scarce over time.

With all that in mind, anyone with a basement full of old horror VHS tapes may want to take a look and see if they could make themselves a little richer by selling any of the flicks on this list to an avid collector.