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10 Hyper-Violent Female Superhero Moments in Comic Book History

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It's an unfortunate stigma to think that female superheroes are somehow less violent than their male counterparts. And looking over the history of comics, it becomes clear that that's also not the case. Some of the most badass characters in comic history are females who aren't afraid of kicking butt and spilling blood along the way.

In fact, some of the most violent female superheroes are the ones we look up to the most - which leaves some readers wondering whether or not those gory female superheroes' actions were appropriate. Below is a list of some of the most brutal female superheroes and all the havoc they've wreaked. Enjoy the best bloody and gory moments brought to you by women in comics and see if you like the heroes more or less after reading what they've done. 

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    Batgirl Gets Her Revenge

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    When the DC re-launched their universe with the New 52, they changed most of the heroes' backstories. Though in a curious decision, the powers that be decided to keep Batgirl's awful past - the part where the Joker paralyzed and possibly sexually assaulted her. Why would they do such a thing? Revenge. 

    In the new story, she regained the use of her legs and resumed the mantle of Batgirl. Then in Batgirl #15, she finally comes face to face with the monster who ruined her life. She doesn't end up killing him (a shame really), but she does consider paralyzing him in the same way he paralyzed her and hands him a thorough ass beating. 

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    Wonder Woman Snaps Maxwell Lord's Neck

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    Wonder Woman is THE prime example of a badass female superhero. Throughout her many, many years in comics, different writers and artists have reinterpreted who they think Wonder Woman is and what she stands for. One of the most controversial moments in the character's history comes from Wonder Woman Vol 2 #219. In that story, villainous Maxwell Lord has Superman under mind control.

    Wonder Woman comes to save her friend, and after she ties up Lord with her Lasso of Truth, she asks how to save Superman. Lord responds that she would have to kill him to free Superman. Understanding what has to be done, Wonder Woman doesn't hesitate and snaps Lord's neck with her bare hands.

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    Catwoman Murders Black Mask

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    Catwoman often straddles the line between hero and villain. She will usually do what's right, as long as it benefits her own self-interests, but one thing to remember is no matter how similar she is to Batman, she doesn't always follow his pesky littke "no killing" rule. That's apparent in Catwoman's solo comic, Catwoman #52, when she murders crime boss Black Mask. Black Mask, no saint himself, brutally tortures her friend Maggie by making her watch as he murders her husband.

    Catwoman does not like this. She catches up to Black Mask and rather than bring him to justice, she opts for a simpler solution: she shoots him in the head, blowing his brains out. 

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    Wonder Woman Kills Ares

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    A decisive Wonder Woman is arguably the best Wonder Woman. The public loves the hero for her unending resolve and ability to make the hard choices for the betterment of the world. That's especially true in Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #33, when she kills the God of War, Ares, by smashing an axe into his skull. You won't see Superman do that...

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