The Most Vicious Burns Ever Delivered On Film
Photo: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy / DreamWorks Pictures

The Most Vicious Burns Ever Delivered On Film

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There's something so satisfying about watching two characters rip each other apart on film. The best burns in movies are often phrases you wish you could say, but you'd never have the guts to utter in real life. Instead, you can just sit back and watch two characters insult each other while chuckling quietly to yourself and wishing you could be that witty. 

Yes, a well-timed cinematic put-down is somehow incredibly satisfying. That's probably why there are so many amazing insults to be found in movie history. From family films like Toy Story to adult comedies like Step Brothers, take a look below at the best movie insults and vote up the vicious burns you'll never forget.